100x100-VIVA-logoPeople often ask what is VIVA! Streets. There are many layers to the event that affords diverse sets of the community to come together. The event’s mission is to build communities by transforming public streets and encouraging active living through fitness and recreational activities and healthy food options.

The first part of the mission and probably the most important is to build community. VIVA! Streets has been a community led effort from the beginning and will remain as such. The planning committee consists of business and community leaders in the East 6th area, in addition to representatives of the city and leaders who have had an integral part in creating the event and want to ensure its sustainability. It has been heartwarming to have such participation from the East 6th businesses. We are getting calls and visits from our neighbors asking how they can help make VIVA! Streets bigger and better.

The second part of the mission is transforming East 6th. How can we beautify East 6th? What shade opportunities can we provide? What would you like East 6th Street to be?  We are collaborating with community super stars who serve on our Tactical Urbanism Subcommittee, led by Adrian Lipscombe. Exciting things are a foot like the Drawing Lines Project. You’re just going to have to see it when you come. If you are an urban planner, landscape architect, innovator, designer, chalk artist, or want to get in on the action, let us know.

The final part of the mission is to encourage active living through fitness and recreation activities and healthy food options. I think this part was the easiest of the three to achieve. It’s been exciting to confirm the activations that will be on the route. East 6th will be your playground on September 13. The street will be closed from car-traffic where you can hop, skip, ride your bike, run, play chess, take a composting class, skateboard, unicycle, and so much more.

What is VIVA! Streets?!
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